Satin Doughnut
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Our Black Satin Doughnuts are perfect for short or long hair and will give your bun volume and definition. A must have accessory! Comes in X-Small, Small, Medium and Large size.


Please choose size according to the length of your hair: Rough guide for sizes to order

Toddlers order an X-Small

Short hair order a Small

Shoulder length hair order a Medium

Armpit length hair order a Large 



Gather hair into a ponytail and secure with a band, then feed the ponytail through the large hole of the doughnut. Take the hair and smooth it around the doughnut, then secure it with another band to hold the hair in place. This will create volume and definition for your chic bun. 

  • Item #: HTHT 00006

Satin Doughnut

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